Fondant Fancys

My bake off interview probably wasn’t like most other people’s; I made them call back……
In my defence I had good reason, I was scrubbed and tying off a bleeding artery. The inital phone call was answered by the anaesthetic SHO and the whole theatre went silent when she said “Dr Cox Bake off would like a word”.

My consultant looked very excited at the time and tried to usher me from the table, but it was only us present and I elected to stay……………. A couple of hours later I gave them a call, we had a long chat about what I found difficult and easy. At the end of our conversation I may have made a bit of a bad move though, I bought up the topic of Fondant Fancys and how no bake off contestant ever managed to pull them off.

Well Love productions here you are, Fondant Fancys……

Fondant Fancys



  • 8oz Self Raising Flour
  • 8oz Castor Sugar
  • 8oz Stork
  • 4 Eggs
  • 4oz Marzipan
  • 8oz Icing Sugar
  • 8oz Unsalted butter
  • 1lb Fonatant icing
  • 75ml water
  • Food colourings

I’m back to my parents countryside house for the weekend, so pretty picture first before starting.

The basis to the fondant fancy is a heart of soft sponge. Once again I’m using the all in one method – it saves time and makes no real difference to cake outcome.

Start by weighing out the flour, sugar, eggs and Stork and placing into the mixer.

Combine on high speed with a balloon whisk and add a little vanilla for flavour.


When well combined, transfer  the mix into a 8″ x 8″ square tin.

Bake at 170C for 35mins till golden brown and delicious. Once done, allow to cool for 10mins before removing from the tin and allowing to cool completely.


After about 30mins, in my case spent tinkering with my Alfa, the cake will be fully cooked and ready to cut. Start by squaring  the cake off, then divide into 9.

Next step is to roll out the marzipan and cut into squares to top the Fancys. Warm up a tablespoon of apricot jam and use to stick the marzipan to the cake.

Now it’s time for buttercream. Beat the icing sugar and butter together till light and fluffy. If it looks heavy, add a drop or two of milk to make it easier to work. The next bit is a little more tricky………….

Using a small pallet knife, ice the 4 sides of the fancy with butter cream, trying your best to get a flat surface. Set aside a good amount of patience for this, tell your girlfriend not to call and put on Taylor Swift. Finish with a bleb of butter cream on the top

Repeat for the remaining 8.


Right, now we are on the home straight. Make the fondant icing by combining the icing and water together and mixing till no lumps remain. The divide into 3 bowls and add the colourings.

All that remains is to dip in the fondant icing. Use a fork to dip the Fancy in head first and then place on a piece of grease proof paper.


Leave to set for about an hour.

Finish by drizzling with dark chocolate.

Time for tea

So there you go Love Productions, Fondant Fancys…………… like I said previously nothing is impossible.

I would like to thank Emma Bridgewater for the beautiful pottery I often show my food off on. Perhaps we will team up in the future, who knows 😉