Lets live like Kings – Millionaires Shortbread

“There is an island to which no airline flies. Its boarders are not open to you and I, for they are guarded by youth”

I love Millionaires shortbread, it is a memory of childhood captured in cake form. The first place I ever had it was at a little tea room called Mintons, now long gone. Every week the owner Roger would make a batch and keep a piece back for me.

Well, given that I still need to cram in a bit more practice before bake off, I thought I would make a batch of my own. Relive my youth, its boarders are still open to me after all……..


Millionaires Shortbread

I will apologies now; to make the caramel you have to stir constantly and it will give you arm ache for a few days,



  • 9oz plain flour
  • 8oz butter
  • 3oz caster sugar


  • 2 tins condensed mild
  • 2oz light muscavardo sugar
  • 2oz dark muscavardo sugar
  • 4oz butter

Chocolate – lots of it


Ignore the eggs, milk and yeast – I  was making brioche as well, more on that later….

Making the shortbread is very easy. Combine the ingredient in a mixing bowl and work together into a breadcrumb stage. As it has such a large butter content this will start clumping together. When it starts to combine into a large ball, spread evenly in a lined and greased tin. Relieve some inner tension and poke it a few times with  a fork to create the familiar pattern we all know and love.

Now bake this at about 180 ( middle of an Aga) until golden brown; you may need to turn half way through. When done, set aside to cool…………. The fun is about to begin.

Normally I would encourage you to multitask, but concentration with caramel is key. Its simple to make, but even simpler to mess up. Start by combining the ingredients in a large pan and melting the butter and sugar.

When everything is melted it’s time to turn up the heat. On a medium heat keep stirring, and for gods sake do not stop. Even if the cute brunette from before is calling you up to arrange a secret weekend, just ignore it…….. The moment you leave the caramel, disaster will strike – it catches on the bottom of the pan and burns. You will not look away now, will you?!!

When the caramel feels thick and is stiff to turn (about 10 mins after your arm has dropped off) test it – get a friend or wandering old person (dad) to dip a spoon of it  into some cold water. When cool, if it is just solid enough to hold its shape when you push it off the spoon, its done. The friend can now try the caramel for taste as well.

f at this stage you want to get really fancy, you can add salt, coffee or even lavender to make the caramel even more special. After this, simply pour onto the shortbread and leave to cool.


When it’s all cool, top temper some milk chocolate and pour on top. I learnt to temper chocolate a couple of years ago to impress a fellow F1…….. Completely useless skill at the time, but now with bake off looming – cheers H.


Time for a treat

So, there you have it – Millionaires shortbread.  All that remains to do is grab a coffee and eat. The great news is that this batch is for sale in the tea room this weekend.


p.s thats the correct ratio of shortbread to caramel. Don’t forget to pop in this weekend and have a piece for yourself x

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